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rules of etiquette

We the creators of Chew the Fat certainly believe in freedom of speech, but we also subscribe to the ethos, “Be kind to your neighbor.” See below our Rules of Etiquette, aka, how to act like a proper human being when debating.

1. Respect others’ opinions and positions. People come from different backgrounds and walks-of-life. Lets all remember that. Stick to the topic and don’t make it personal.
2. This is a profanity-free zone so keep it clean. Please come up with more creative ways to express your point of view.
3. Threats of violence will not be tolerated. Nasty comments will be taken down as fast as they were put up.
4. Any sort of intolerant or outright hateful commentary is not allowed on CTF.
5. We ask that you be true to your opinions. CTF is not the place to practice for that upcoming role as a rogue politician.

Any blatant disregard for these rules could result in your banishment from the site. Also, CTF is a self-regulating site. Users can flag offensive commentary and we will decide whether or not we agree. Bottom line? Play nice.

Please see our terms & conditions for more specific legal guidelines.

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